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Graphic Designer Photographer Humanitarian Artist Storyteller

Technical Skills Overview
InDesign 95%
Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 95%
After Effects 80%
Lightroom 80%
Premier 75%
ArcGIS 65%
My name is Anthony John Burke. I’m a data visualization officer & humanitarian photographer with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, currently based in the regional office in Bangkok, Thailand, covering Asia and the Pacific.
Early Years

I grew up in Cork, Ireland, and started out working in the print media sector during the 90’s as a production designer for a local newspaper in the city. After graduating from Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland in 2010 with an BA Honors Degree in Visual Communications, I moved from Europe to South East Asia to start a new chapter in my life. Since moving to Asia, I have branched out more into data visualization, photography, communications and advocacy in the humanitarian sector. I belatedly completed a Masters in eLearning Design and Development in 2016.

Work Experience

I now have over twelve years’ experience in the private sector and with the United Nations, working as a visual communications designer supporting public information, information management, partnerships and operations. Throughout my professional career, I have always performed well under tight deadlines, first as a graphic designer in the newspaper industry in Ireland and lately by supporting the OCHA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in emergency preparedness and response and supporting the units in the delivery of strategic decision-making tools and information products.

My profile and current work tasks with OCHA include a broad range of information management activities that include data analysis and integration, mapping and infographic design, formatting key strategic documents, graphic design (print and web based), animation, photography, videography, social media graphics, branding and template production. These activities help to facilitate information sharing between humanitarian partners, governments and donors. I work on all parts of the design process from initial idea, to research, design, development and implementation.

I provide graphic support to headquarters, field offices, Humanitarian Advisory Teams (HATs) and Resident Coordinator’s Offices (RCO) in the region, producing quality visual information and advocacy products. I analyze and evaluate the use of new technologies to improve how we visualize data with the goal of producing consistent, easy to understand infographic products to support coordination of all the humanitarian organizations. I frequently provide in-house and external information management and data visualization training to OCHA colleagues and humanitarian partners in the region. The core programs I use on a daily basis are: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, as well as Microsoft Office. I have designed, developed and maintained websites using WordPress, HTML/CSS and front-end frameworks.

My usual workflow and design process


Its very important to listen to the client. This is key to finding out clearly their main objectives and what they want to accomplish in this project.


From listening closely to the client, an idea is born. Client goals, target audience and main objectives are gathered and built apon


Designer and client now share a clear vision. Font selection, photography and content is given to the designer. The Design stages begins!


The design stage involves creating visual representation from all the information gathered and discussed in the planning stage.


Now it's time to code (only valid for web design process). HTML and CSS code comes first, Jquery later. Code is tested and validated


As we near the launch date, final polishing of design elements is usually required. All files are packaged and given to the client.

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