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If you work with me your site will be both beautiful and built with clean, web-standard code.

From the first idea I design to the final execution, each project I work on presents me with the opportunity to push my limits both creatively and technically.

A little about me

Hello there, my name is Tony. I’m a Graphic designer & Front-end Developer currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2010, I graduated from Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland with an BA Honors Degree in Visual Communications. I started out working in the Print Media sector ( as a production designer for a local newspaper) and now have over 6 years experience in graphic design.
Last year I (finally) started to focus more on web design/front-end development. I now work mostly with a CMS called Wordpress. I have since worked on some interesting projects including the re-design of the most popular football site in Thailand TLF - Thai League Football.
Right then, on to my works.

What PixeBoxer Offers

The services we offer include web design and development, both web and print based graphics, branding, brochures, e-commerce online shopping systems.
CMS Web Design - Content Management System.
Did we tell you already that we love wordpress? Well, lets say it again, WE LOVE WORDPRESS. Wordpress gives you - the client complete control over your website. Will you want to update your website often? If Yes, then Wordpress is for you. So, if you are creating the site for someone other than a web mastering genius and you want them to be able to update the site pretty easily (within reason!) themselves, then Wordpress definitely gives them the flexibility to do so. Wordpress is very user friendly for those who don’t know much or any programming code.
Another great feature of Wordpress is the ability to easily integrate SEO onto your website. There are tons of SEO plugins to choose from to help, but you will still need to add new content (which Google loves!) and Wordpress makes updating easy.
Give us a shout to find out more.

The Design Process mainly for web works

listen to the client


Its very important to listen to the client. This is key to finding out clearly their main objectives and what they want to accomplish in this project.

listen to the client


From listening closely to the client, an idea is born. Client goals, target audience and main objectives are gathered and built apon

listen to the client


Designer and client now share a clear vision. Font selection, photography and content is given to the designer. The Design stages begins!

listen to the client


The design stage involves creating visual representation from all the information gathered and discussed in the planning stage.

listen to the client


Now it's time to code (only valid for web design process). HTML and CSS code comes first, Jquery later. Code is tested and validated

listen to the client


As we near the launch date, final polishing of design elements is usually required. All files are packaged and given to the client.

Pixelboxer responsive

The Pixelboxer website was coded by hand, over many many years ( well weeks...). It was made with HTML5 and CSS3 in a Zurb Foundation framework with a sprinkling of jQuery here and there for some extra goodness. Works damn fine on all layouts (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook & Mobile).